The human body is a collection of 12 organ systems, each organized to perform a particular function. The skin, or integument, is a multipurpose outer cover, while bones of the skeletal system provide a supportive physical framework.

The body’s hundreds of skeletal muscles interact with bones to move the body and its parts. It is nourished by a digestive system that brings in and processes food, releasing nutrients to the blood and eliminating indigestible residues.

System for blood circulation and respiration move oxygen, nutrients and other vital supplies to the trillions of body cells, and carry away the potentially toxic wastes of the metabolic activity that maintains life. Closely aligned with the circulatory system is a system of lymphatic organs and vessels that provides a staging ground for immune responses.

The urinary system cleanses the blood impurities and manages the body’s “internal sea” of water, salts and other substances. Reproductive systems provide the biological means for producing offspring.

Controlling and regulating every aspect of body functioning are the hormones of the endocrine system and the unparalleled human nervous system.

Human Body System
Get the picture now?

Can you see the important and function of our nervous system? Meanwhile, nervous system is protected from skull and vertebrae (spine) that form the spinal column to protect spinal cord. Thus our spine is a house and protection to all the functions of human body system.

Should one single bone be even slightly dislocated or twisted out of position, the related muscle or organ would thus be aggravated, causing physical discomfort and pain. If left untreated, would lead to serious or even chronic health issues.

If these symptoms occur to you, one of your vertebrae (bone) should have misaligned……

Human Body System