Spine Rest Bolster

What is Eleno Spine Rest Bolster?

Eleno Spine Rest Bolster is not a usual pillow. This pillow designed ergonomically to stretch and support the curve of the neck and lower back to its normal curvature; it can also be used for stretching exercises for spine and back muscles. The spine bolster is made of foam and is embedded with magnetic points throughout its body.


How Does Eleno Works?

The spine bolster stretches the back muscles thereby releasing and restructuring the body to its original state. The bolster also ‘opens’ up the tendons and gaps of the spine to provide extra leeway for stretching and release the pressure off our spine; this allows your body to reform back to its original healthy state.

Features and Benefits:

  • Restore normal spine curvature
  • Relieve spine pressure
  • Ease muscle stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back
  • Relieves shoulder, neck and lower back pain
  • Magnet strategically placed to optimize better blood circulation flow
  • Works almost instantly
  • Portable design, easy to use anywhere

Selling Price : RM108.00