Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury

How Can Osso Help These Injuries?

A lot of patients thought these pains in their wrists, ankle and knee are rheumatism arthritis (风湿 fēng shī) but that is normally a misconception. In fact it is actually a misalignment of joint. Huge impact of sprain on the joint or tendons will cause misalignment and if we don’t realign the joint again, it will affect our blood circulation and cause discomfort and pain.
  Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury    Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury

In Osso Bone Care Chiropractic®️, we will first perform trigger point therapy on the affected areas of our patients to release the pressure off the muscles and tissues. After that, we will then conduct OSSO  Bone Adjustment Technique®️ to realign the joint.

In the end, we will apply herbs onto the area to remove the blockage inside the joint as well as improving the blood circulation.

    Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury     Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury

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Because we use our hands for so many activities, wrist injury is extremely common. Imagine what life would be like without hands! From sweeping and mopping the floor, fixing the car to using a computer, all these require arm and wrist motion. Here’s some examples of how wrist injury usually occurs.

Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury

  • Martial Arts / Boxing
  • Carrying heavy object / baby
  • Sports – Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Yoga, Gymnastic, Gym Exercises
  • House Chores – Mopping Floor, Twisting of wet cloth, Cooking


The knees are one of the most complex joint and is most likely to get injured than other joint in the body. Research shows that among all the joints in our body the knee can withstand up to 5 times our body weight while walking and even more while running.

Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury

Common causes of knee injuries include sports, squatting, improper posture, mountain climbing, overweight, running and etc.


Ankle injuries incur most often in sports activities. But other factors such as walking on uneven surfaces, wearing heels for long hours, stepping into a pot-hole or even simple things like getting out of the car could be the cause of your ankle pain.

Knee, Ankle & Wrist Injury

Common symptoms of ankle injuries include signs of swelling, aching, limping or not being able to walk, daily activities are limited, recurring on and off ankle pain, sore ankles when stand or walk too long, shooting pain when jumping and more.

Both Ankle and Knee pain can also be caused by lower back misalignment and may need to receive treatment on the spinal area. If the patient has never been injured in sports of any intense activities before but yet they still suffer unknown ankle and knee pain, chances are the pain are actually caused by a spinal or disc problems. When the muscle around the knee and ankle area had tighten up, it will result in poor blood circulation as well as joint pain without justifiable reason.